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Xcastors Co.Ltd  is a Chinese midsize OEM Supplier of light duty castors  founded as spin-off  in 2009 . We are  located in the most famous center of metal and wheels production in China Zhongshan Guangdong with its large supply chain for metal processing. 


Our production and R&D Team with many years experiences in tooling & injection molding provide professional solutions for our clients who are perfectly supported by our export & logistic experts  to rounding  up our tailor made customer service.


Our mission  is to offering an   one -stop castors wheel solution


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Xcastors for

Household Apparatus - Furniture - Shopping carts & Waste bins -  Industrial applications

Fast Order Service

We have high production capacity and  producing per day more than  50.000 castors. We are shipping out orders within 25 days and new castors design including moulds we can provide in 40 days. Contact our sales team to get the best price offer.




The search for cutting edge solutions is a long-standing hallmark of the company's operations, working day by day towards continual improvement of products, process and customer service.

Consistently high quality, the drive to develop innovative solutions and attention devoted to the people working in our organization and the surrounding environment are the core values guiding our daily operations.


Quality is our responsibility and commitment! Our batch process from incoming material to the finished product is continuously controlled and recorded. Compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ROHS PAHS EN 1253. Problems during the production process can be detected and solved in time. A long endurance and usability is the result of our internal stringent quality inspection system.


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